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Artwork Gallery

Some of the artwork all the way at the bottom of the gallery is NSFW and includes artistic nude paintings.

I scan all my artwork and further manipulate them on my computer. I'll scan old book pages, cardboard or film negatives and add them as the backgrounds. I like all of my artwork to have some sort of texture to it...even it its just straight digital I will still scan painted pieces and combine them.Here is my my artwork gallery. Over the years I tend to retire pieces and no longer sell them. Here are all the pieces I am currently selling. It is a mixture of pieces I paint with acrylic paint and spray paint or combination of both. A few are also digital pieces.

I have a mixture of fan art and pop culture pieces. All of my artwork with models come from photo-shoots I did with local models in the Asheville area. I used the photos as a reference to hand-cut stencils. The paintings were either painted with acrylics and a toothbrush or used an action painting technique similar to Jackson Pollock's and other abstract expressionist painters.

For my pin-up and poem/art series I worked with local Asheville models. I wrote the poems to fit each model after they told me what they liked a bit about their personalities. The paintings were created using hand-cut stencils and acrylics paint. I either used a toothbrush to paint them or I threw paint at the canvas.