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I started writing back in 2009. It was my first time writing a novel. It took me about 2 years to finish my first novel Hounds of Heaven. I wrote three novella's after that, Family Man, Under the Aegis, and Kasper's Vengeance. I really haven't written since 2011. Although I'm proud to say I wrote these books I found that writing wasn't that easy for me. Although reviews are a bit mixed on Amazon in general it seems people dislike the POV in my books.

I kind of thought I gave up writing all together to focus on painting but recently felt the urge to write again. Right now I am working on an illustrated Animal Fact/Conservation Book and 3-4 comic books/graphic novels.

Between Shots

Full color print version is in the link above

Here is the kindle version for $2.99


These comics follow Private Dubb and the typical mishaps of a private in the Army. The comics follows him during training and later while he is deployed to the front in France during World War 1.

These comics were illustrated and written by Percy Crosby who was an American author, cartoonist, and illustrator best known for his comic strip Skippy.

This book is a compilation of two comic strips he created while serving as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 77th Division AEF, U.S Army while they were deployed in France during WW1.

"These sketches had been made in no-man's land. Lying on the ground, with the detonations of battle all around him, while waiting to move, he had amused himself with these fancies. Human beings in action. -Thomas L. Mason, Editor at Life Magazine

"America's most important contribution to humor of the centry." -Corey Ford, Humorist, Vanity Fair.

This book has been published with the approval of the Percy Crosby Estate.

*Also I am aware that some of the "Preface font" is weird. I've contacted customer support about it and they said there isn't a way to fix it. I've tried uploading multiple formats and nothing weird. It's an image so not sure why it comes up as text. Sorry if it is an eye sore*


Hounds of Heaven

Book contains some scenes of graphic violence and sexual situations. May not be suitable for those under 18.

“Hounds of Heaven” is an action packed military sci-fi novel blended with paranormal mythology.

Humanity is about to lose the war and the vampires have pushed mankind to the brink of extinction. The Earth is in perpetual darkness and survival looks bleak, the sun is a myth to the world.

Dom, a battle-hardened soldier for two thousand years is tired of fighting and ready to give up and watch the planet die along with every last human.

He receives one last mission that gives hope to ending the war. Rumors suggest a way to end the constant darkness and bring back the sun.

Dom will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission, leaving a long trail of bodies along the way. He becomes the hope that humanity has been looking for in these darkest of days.

The final outcome will determine the fate of the planet and the human race.


Family Man

Book contains some scenes of violence. May not be suitable for those under 18.

Steve is your average New York City taxi driver, spending his days driving locals and tourists all over Manhattan. At the end of the day, all he wants to do is go home and spend time with his wife and children.

But Steve and his family are hiding a gruesome secret, and he's willing to sacrifice his humanity and his soul to make sure the secret remains hidden. He promised to keep his family safe no matter the cost, and he intends to keep that promise…even if it means committing murder.

Under the Aegis

Book contains some scenes of violence. May not be suitable for those under 18.

John and his young sons, Connor and Noah, top the FBI's Most Wanted list. The Department of Defense wants to turn the boys into the next generation of super soldiers, but John just wants his kids to be happy and lead normal lives. But how can they have normal lives when they were created to be the ultimate warrior?

Hot on their trail is Agent Reddings, a tool of the government who wants to use the boys as weapons. John will do anything to protect his boys and make sure their powers aren't used for evil.


Kasper's Vengeance

Book contains some scenes of violence. May not be suitable for those under 18.

Left for dead, her daughter murdered, Sarah Kasper has vowed to get revenge against the people who ruined her life.

As she starts killing corrupt members of NYPD, Detective Grayson draws the case. Near retirement, he cares more about getting drunk than doing his job, but his life turns upside down when he investigates the murder of his fellow officers.

Kasper will stop at nothing to kill those who wronged her, and Grayson will do anything to stop her.



The Writer's Notebook

Paperback: $4.95, now a total of 110 formatted pages. Updated in 2016. Added a writing goals pages along with tips and various inspirational quotes throughout the notebook. Added more pages to each section also.

I mainly did this one for fun and for myself after expensive moleskin notebooks kept falling apart on me. This fits perfectly in your back pocket. The Writer's Notebook helps to organize your new novel or short story. There are four sections in the notebook: -Characters -Setting -Plot -Notes. And it's still a small notebook and easy to carry in a back pocket.